New Beginnings

Divorce Healing Ceremony

The end of a marriage is often the sad end of an era, but should also be seen as the beginning of a new chapter in a person's life.

It may seem a bit weird to some that I am talking about divorce on a website that is dedicated to celebrating the joining of couples, but sometimes a marriage runs its course and the relationship breaks down. 

As a celebrant I am committed to honouring all of life’s major events and transitions, whether joy-filled or painful.

The purpose of a divorce healing ceremony is to honour the original intention of the marriage and the love and care given to trying to make the relationship work. There is an acknowledgment of the mourning associated with recognizing the failure of an intimate relationship.




A divorce doesn't always have to be acrimonious and a celebrant-led divorce ceremony is particularly well-suited if there are children involved in the marital break-up. Children of any age suffer greatly during the divorce process and aftermath. In one of the most challenging passages of life, this healing ceremony provides an opportunity for both parents to declare their unconditional love for the children and the promise that they will continue to partner as the most effective parents possible.

If you need some self soothing with family and friends but not the ex,  I am happy to craft a ceremony that respects  and reflects where you are right now in life.

The newly divorced person is surrounded by his or her closest friends and family members, who offer their support in the next phase of the life journey. Indeed, there is an observance of the adventures on the horizon for the newly single person. With love and honour, he or she is encouraged to proudly step back on the path of life’s lessons.



Smudging is often performed during big life changes such as birth, death, moving into or out of a home, changing jobs, and divorce or separation, so it would be apt to be incorporated into your divorce ceremony. 

Smudging is a process intended to purify, cleanse, and drive out negative energy, thoughts, or feelings from a space, person, or object while invoking positive energy, influences, and balance. 


What should we expect if we choose you as our celebrant?

*  We can have as  much contact as you need to put your mind at ease that you're getting a fitting divorce ceremony. Together we will  get to know each other and bounce ideas around before I start crafting your ceremony.

* I will provide you with a questionnaire for you to give me all the important details and I will use them to create your personalised ceremony, including any rituals you wish to incorporate into it.

* I will arrive at the venue at least an hour before the ceremony to enable me to set up the sacred space in advance - and to calm any last minute nerves!

* I will always leave you with a keepsake copy of the script for you to look back on the day with fondness.

Please note: A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable by BACS at time of booking to secure your date and for me to begin creating your ceremony.

The remaining balance is due by BACS one month before the ceremony date.