Wondrous Woman, Goddess full of life with womb in bloom.. You are a divine force bringing forth the next generation, and that is something worthy of honouring. Creatix, growing pure love, holding space for a new life to ripen, I bow to you.

A Blessingway, or Mother’s Blessing, is a celebration of pregnancy and becoming a mother that focuses more on the mother than the baby. During a Blessingway, a group of your closest friends will come together and honour your pregnancy and journey into motherhood. They will offer words of wisdom around preparing for the upcoming birth and beyond and partake in a beautiful ceremony. 


Historically, women would gather together to empower and support one another as they stepped into the role of bearing and raising children. This rite of passage into motherhood was tribe life, deeply ingrained, passed down from culture to culture, generation to generation, and woman to woman.

In Native American tradition, (Dine Navajo to be accurate) a ceremony called a Blessingway created space to come together as a support circle for the expecting mother, and bless the way ahead for her.

It is a web woven of the most trusted and cherished women in her life. Those who will provide a loving place where she can explore the challenges and joys that lie before her as she approaches her journey into motherhood.

Not only are blessingways a beautiful way to honour a mother, but is also changing the way we as humans view birth. Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten that it is our purpose to bring new life to earth, this is what we do, we create love! Bringing back into the light the sacred ceremony of a blessing way, we are reopening a chapter for women, men, and families to view birth as a sacred occasion, something we are all capable of enjoying.