"Sandie recently performed the naming ceremony for my baby boy.  A week has passed and I am still so thoroughly overjoyed with how it all went.  In the lead up to the event, Sandie and I sat down to discuss the various rituals available, we decided on lighting a candle for my dearly departed father,  a sand ritual, hand fasting and various poems to be read out by my child's "odd parents".  We exchanged family focused anecdotes, and from our conversation Sandie wrote a beautiful script for the day.  The service lasted approximately 45 minutes and there wasn't a dry eye in the house!  It was just perfect - she did us both proud.  I couldn't have asked for a better day.  Thank you Sandie, you little legend! :-)"

- Vicky B - December 2019

"I attended my great nephew's naming day on Sunday 8th December 2019.  It was the first naming ceremony I had attended and it was absolutely beautiful.  The service conducted by Sandie was very moving and personal, lots of personal touches specifically relating to the family and the relationship the baby has with members of our huge family.  A candle was lit, there was a mixing of different sands which related to specific people in the baby's life.  I would certainly recommend this service if you are looking for an alternative to a christening."

- Christine W -December 2019

"Sandie, the service was beautiful.  Personal but with the right amount of humour and smiles.  Thanks for making the day so memorable."

- Emma W -  December 2019

"I attended my little cousin's naming day.  How Sandie delivers the service makes it special for all those involved, it's personal to the family and friends with smiles and tears along the way, making special memories for a special occasion.  Would highly recommend.  Thanks Sandie for a fab day."

- Jeni D - December 2019

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2 years ago

Sandie is a lovely warm, caring person, she'll be sure to make your ceremony special and personal to you.

Simon Holgate
2 years ago

Sandie is helping plan our wedding for us and has come up with some amazing ideas which blended with our own views for something more ethereal. We couldn't have asked for a more empathic celebrant. We are so looking forward to our special day now that we can stop worrying about the ceremony meeting our expectations. Thank you.